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How do I know if it will ship to my address for free ?

Free delivery service only valid for Kowloon, Hong Kong and New Territories. Please make enquiry at 2155 9056 for the delivery information for remote areas .

Can I assign delivery date and time ?

Please contact at 2155 9056 for any enquiry.

Any extra cost if there is no lift ?

Please contact at 2155 9056 for any enquiry.

Do you offer overseas delivery service ?

We currently only deliver within Hong Kong & Macau (excluding mainland China).

Do you offer old mattress disposal service ?

Please contact at 2155 9056 for any enquiry.


Should I fill in the warranty registration card for mattress warranty ?

When you sign off the mattress, 10 years warranty will take effect.

What are the terms and conditions of mattress warranty ?

The warranty period begins from the date of success delivery for a term of 10 years. Customers must produce valid original of the sales invoice issued by the Company or its authorized dealers in order to receive warranty service.

• The warranty only covers defects of the springs and inner frames of the mattress and manufacturing defects of structural nature.

• Warranty will not cover the following conditions:

  1. The mattress was improperly dismantled, stored, used, or damaged by chemicals or detergents.
  2. Fair wear and tear of the mattress and damage caused by bending, folding, cutting, hitting, standing or jumping on the mattress.
  3. The mattress was placed on an improper foundation such as outdoors, on slate beds or net bed frames, bed frames of unfitted size or insufficient support and etc.
  4. Bend or damage caused by improper carriage.
  5. Damage caused by external factors such as disasters exposure to sunlight, humidity, water damage, dust mites, dust etc.
  6. Body impressions of 1.5 inches or less
  7. Personal preference of firmness, comfort, or size of the mattress.
  8. Without producing the valid original sales invoice issued by the Company or its authorized dealers.
  9. Discounted floor model products.
  10. Handle(s) of the mattress is/are damaged

•For the first two years of the warranty period, subject to the terms and conditions of this warranty, the defective product will be repaired and replaced for free. From the third to the tenth year of the warranty period, your mattress could be replaced at a replacement fee of 10% of the prevailing retail price of the product under the warranty multiplied by the years lapsed since the original purchase. For example: The mattress was purchased 3 years ago and the prevailing retail price is $2500; under the terms of warranty the replacement fee of the mattress will be 10% of $2500 x 3 = $750. Emmas has the sole discretion to determine which current retail price will be used.

• Warranty does not include transportation costs of product (whether delivery or collection).

• Warranty remedies include the repairing or replacement of the defective product at the Company’s discretion. The warranty period shall commence from the date of the success delivery of the original product.

• On-site inspection charge is waived for the first 3 years from the commencement date of the warranty period is , and $250 per visit will be charged thereafter.

•Discontinued products will be replaced by products of similar models.

• If there is any discrepancies between the English and Chinese version of this warranty, the Chinese version shall prevail.

•Warranty is valid only in Hong Kong and Macau applicable only to Emmas mattress purchased in Hong Kong or Macau.

•This warranty shall be construed and governed by the laws of Hong Kong

• The Company reserves the right to make any changes to the above terms and conditions without prior notice and to make decision in the event of any dispute. All decisions made by the Company shall be final and conclusive.

How can I tell if I need a new mattress ?

The Better Sleep Council advises consumers to buy the highest quality bedding they can afford, then replace old bedding every 10 years. After this many years, even the best bedding may no longer provide the comfort and support you deserve.

How do I carry or move my mattress ?

Two people should normally carry your Sealy mattress flat on its side. It’s easier to handle and less likely to get damaged. Excessive bending may damage the innerspring unit. Flex rather than bend the mattress when going through doorways, and don’t bend the corners when putting on fitted sheets.

Do you offer tailor-made mattress service ?

Please visit our EMMAS Store for more details.

What foundation should I buy to match the mattress ?

Slate beds or net bed frames are not suggested.

Sagging area appears on my brand new mattress, is this structural defects ?

Mattress materials used ergonomic design to conform closely to the human body curve. The sagging area on the mattress is a normal effect caused by the human body weight, it shall not be regarded as structural defects.

Should I use mattress cover on top of the Angel Mattress Protector of your company ?

The function of Angel Mattress Protector are anti-mite and waterproof. We advise you use mattress cover on top of the mattress protetcor and wash them occasionally.