EMMAS | Our Premium Materials
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The Finest wool from Australia.

Australian made wool is certified by international standard.

Wool has balanced thermal insulation properties. It is warm in winter while cool in summer.

The outermost layer of protein on a fibre of wool makes it very smooth – making it easy for the fibres to move against each another and accommodate movement.

Talalay Latex

Natural latex extraction from pure physical foaming process,.

The unique design of the larger cell structure within Talalay Latex results in superior air flow and ventilation in your mattress.

It conforms to your body, providing you with superior support that eliminates pressure points caused by most mattresses. It keeps your spine aligned no matter how you sleep.

The ventilation in Talalay Latex makes it naturally anti-microbal and dust-mite resistant, helping you breathe easier while you’re asleep.


All-natural, highly breathable and hypoallergenic.