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Brand Story

According to the World Heath Statistics report by the World Health Organization (WHO), Australia is one of the countries with longest life expectancy around the globe. Besides eating habits and environmental factors, it is believed good quality of sleep and rest is the key to maintain a good healthy body and extend one’s life expectancy. Here is the EMMAS Mattress, the Australian mattress with ‘secret ingredients’ to promote health and good quality of sleep.

It was all begins with Mr. Graham Owen, an enthusiast and scientist research on comfortable and healthy mattresses.

It was a hot summer in 1980 at Longford, Tasmania, Australia. When Mr. Graham Owen was still a carpenter, owning his workshop specializing in wooden beds. Mr. Owen later turned himself to a mattress researcher after receiving constant complaints by his wife that she could not find a proper mattress in town. After 30 years of invention and business operation, Mr. Owen now has expanded his mattress development team to 15 research scientists, serving people that are passion with high quality mattress and excellent quality of sleep. EMMAS Mattress is the quintessence of Mr. Owen’s passion, experience, and ‘secret ingredient’ on crafting good quality mattresses that are both comfortable and healthy to human body. EMMAS Mattress is a gift from Australia in promoting good quality of life.